We're going! CubJam 2023 is officially on, and our Cubs will be heading down to Phasels Wood in 2023. If you're not going with them, why not? To sign up, speak to Akela to check your child's eligibility - or look out for our special event in September.

Trip Cost

CubJam whilst an amazing experience, is also not free. We have factored in a huge number of variable numbers to establish our cost which includes:

  • Transport to Phasel’s Wood on Saturday 27th May 2023
  • Tented Accomodation from Saturday 27th May to Saturday 3rd June.
  • Three good quality home cooked meals per day for every day of CubJam, including snacks
  • Plenty of fresh liquid to keep Cubs hydrated while they go on their daily business
  • Full days of activities on all but 3 days (Arrival day, Departure Day, and Day Out)
  • A full day out (in 2019 this was to Gullivers Land)
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Transport home from Phasel’s Wood on Saturday 3rd June.
  • Transaction Fees from our payment providers

All of this will cost just £265.00

Payments for the original contingent members need to be completed by 31st December 2021.

These were arranged as a £25 deposit, and 24 monthly payments of £10

Payments for the additional contingent members need to be completed by 31st December 2022.

These will be arranged as a £75 deposit on booking. A £15.87 payment in December, we’ll give you a break in January, and then will take 11 payments of £15.83 from February 2022 to December 2022 to complete payment.

But we want to add more!

From our experiences during CubJam 2019, we saw other Cub Packs who were able to give their young people Hoodies, T-Shirts, Badges, plus extras to swap (it’s a form of currency!) – and we estimate that will cost an extra £100 each. Which we’ll need to raise through fundraising. From January 2022, we’ll be holding regular CubJam Updates with contingent members, and many fundraising events, which will continue into 2023. These little things will just help to make our Cubs trips even more memorable!

Unfortunately, our leaders have their hands full keeping the pack running, the group running and organising the CubJam trip itself – meaning we need parents to step up and take the reigns on these fundraisers. No idea is too crazy, no idea is off the table, bring your ideas to the first CubJam Members update in January 2022!