We're going! CubJam 2023 is officially on, and our Cubs will be heading down to Phasels Wood in 2023. If you're not going with them, why not? To sign up, speak to Akela to check your child's eligibility - or look out for our special event in September.


Phasels Wood Activity Centre is situated in the beautiful wooded area, in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire about 2 miles South-West of Hemel Hempstead. Set back well away from it’s access road, the A41, the site is fully secured with gates and fences around the perimeter. Ordinarily, Phasels Wood benefits from several huge camping fields, with other pitches interspersed throughout the woods.

Phasels Wood Location

During CubJam, however, camping is pushed down towards the lower end of the site, with the rest of the site being used up for the huge number of activities which are available for Cubs to join in with.

Phasels Wood Site Map

The site itself is huge, and its quite possible that your Cubs could walk literally miles each day! As a rough guideline, walking from point 32 to point HB on this map takes in excess of 5 minutes!